The launch of DreamEast Future World is a thrilling event as China's first and only the world’s second aerospace theme park. It’s significance is underscored by the project’s designation as a“2015 Key Cultural Industry Project” by the Ministry of Culture and inclusion on the “2017 National Outstanding Tourism Project List” compiled by the China National Tourism Administration.

DreamEast Future World is an aerospace museum as well as an aerospace experience theme park. The most notable difference between DreamEast Future World and other aerospace museums and science and technology pavilions lies in the project’s unique design with an emphasis on the visitor’s experience. Apart from the science-popularisation exhibit, the project has also introduced exciting interactive elements for visitors to better appreciate aerospace and future technologies through more interesting experiences, thus truly realising the concept of “edutainment”. DreamEast Future World not only serves as a second classroom for the growth and learning of children and teenagers and a launch pad for them to encounter and practice aerospace concepts, but also as an aerospace theme park for the whole family to enjoy.

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DreamEast Future World is located at Yanjiao National High-Tech Industrial Development Area in eastern Beijing.

DreamEast Future World to Beijing Tongzhou district = 15 mins
DreamEast Future World to Beijing Tiananmen Square = 40 mins
DreamEast Future World to Tianjin = 1 hr
DreamEast Future World to Shanghai = 8 hrs

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Local Culture

  • Science and Education Atmosphere

    The abundant scientific and education resources in Beijing constitute an ideal environment for growth of the next generation. The numerous hardware facilities for science, technology and education, and the quality human resources have also made the capital city a favorable location to enlighten and nurture innate talent and realise dreams.

  • Chaobai River

    As one of the five major rivers in China’s river network, the Chaobai River is strategically located, flowing through Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province and is considered as one of the most important water sources in Beijing. Yanjiao area is located along the scenic Chaobai riverside. The area has now been built into a 10,000 mu natural park whose most distinctive features are its pleasant ecosystem, flat topography, four distinct seasons and beautiful scenery .

  • The Origin of Yanjiao

    Yanjiao is a triangle-shaped zone in Hebei bordering Beijing . It was located in the outer reaches of the State of Yan during the Spring and Autumn period and Warring States period, hence the town's name “Yanjiao” has an history extending back in time more than 3,000 years. The area was also known as “The Foot of the Emperor, the Name of the Palace".